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The organiser of the project, make-up artist Anna Cherpinskaya, said: 'Over the past year, my acquaintance was ill with ovarian cancer.

She came back from South Korea, where she was undergoing treatment, to see her mother and ... For all of us it was a terrible surprise, and I was plunged into a severe shock.' She and her friend Maria Volovik, a designer, decided to start this project along with photographer Asya Molochkova.

'At that moment I realized that the idea of the project has achieved its goal. I feel completely comfortable, and everything was so easy.

People with cancer live a full life and do not differ from others. It is very important that they see themselves beautiful.' Alyona encourages those taking part in the project to believe in themselves as women, to feel their femininity. ', but in the end I decided to go, because I wanted to convey to people that the cancer is not a sentence. 'You know, after the disease many things change in the mind.

Vadim has leukaemia, and his mother is in the fourth stage of the disease.

And cancer is usually found in our country either by accident or when it is too late.'But these people do not deserve any estrangement and do not want to be pitied.Of course, financial aid is necessary, but in some situations moral support is more important: a kind word, accepting people as they are, understanding and sincere compassion.These vibrant photographs and words show Russian women showing their beauty despite their sufferings from cancer.Among them in Khabarovsk are Olga Safronova and her son Vadim, 11, who both have cancer.Here, women taking part wear crowns, the aim being to show them as 'queens'.Some of them spoke bravely to local online newspaper NGS.'The initial goal of the project was to show that femininity does not go away with the loss of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, nor even with serious treatment. To help in accepting themselves here and now: do not be afraid of their reflection in the mirror, do not be afraid to show themselves, do not hide. 'It's possible to live fully, to enjoy every day and not give up. If you used to feel some uncertainty about the future, the probability of failure, after cancer all baseless fears disappeared and what remains is onlyfear of life and death. And have a more relaxed attitude to everything else.'It's also true that participating in the photo shoot, and the preparations for it, bring new, positive emotions, which form a powerful reserve for future disease control.' One participant in Khabarovsk was Natalia. And life is updated, it becomes calmer, more rational.'I was very touched by their stories, their struggle for life.In one of them I saw a very good, professional photos of the girl who was so beautiful just as she is: with no hair, no eyelashes. 'And I thought that here in Khabarovsk we do not have such photo shoots.

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