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: Galaxy Quest is a wonderful, affectionate, hilarious send-up of Star Trek, Trekkies, actors and TV shows in general, and it's a great adventure-comedy to boot.

It's obvious that the writers are as much fans of the original material as the people they poke fun of, making you laugh at the endearing material, and even bringing the occasional pang of nostalgia.

More than a scientific experiment or simple tournament, the media portrayed the match between Kasparov and super-computer Deep Blue as a confrontation between Man and Machine, with the prize being nothing less than intellectual domination.

Using a blend of news footage, interviews with experts and journalists that covered the event, and of course the larger-than-life Kasparov himself, the filmmakers dive into the history behind the competition and the stakes on both sides of the board.

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A definite treat that makes us regret Lee's absence and puts the rest of this trashy film to shame.

If the logic of the proceedings and actual workings of the game aren't fool-proof, especially during the disappointing "not-so-surprise" ending, the script does give some good twists and turns, and works just fine as a well-executed thriller.

Perfectly suited for its off-again-on-again leading man, Douglas fits into the role like a glove as a man used to being in control breaking under the pressure of events outside his reckoning.

Those that can stay awake until the end will be rewarded, however.

Lee only got to do three fight scenes before his untimely death, but the undeniable charm, agility and energy shown by the "real" Bruce Lee in the climax, as well as the obvious inventiveness and stellar choreography (and the classic yellow jump suit) - all of which barely make up 20 minutes - are easily worth the whole film.

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