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It’s like everything else is blocked out, just white noise and all she sees is his heavenly presence, obviously [laughs].Hal absolutely doesn’t trust himself and it’s really that Tom and Alex have taken the decision that because he’s almost on the brink of normality they think he’s ready to come out.Yes, I fancy her still, but there’s also that constant push-and-pull struggle because of what she represents to me. KB: There’s a huge part of her that can’t let that go and you do see that bickering come back between them, but she understands how much of a struggle this is for Hal, that it’s something he really can’t control, it’s like an illness. There’s this kind of battle of emotions with Alex I think when it comes to Hal.Honolulu Heights’ last ghost, Annie, was the mother figure of the house. KB: I would say Alex brings a sense of normality to the house because these guys have been wrapped up in this supernatural world for a long time and because she’s fresh to this world, she can be a bit of a voice of reason at times.so special I think is that yes, these are extraordinary situations, but at the heart of it are these fantastic characters who love each other and need each other and who are trying to exist in a world that they don’t necessarily feel that they belong to, but they absolutely want to do good. It was nice to be able to start where we left off and not a sequence further down the line so we could get back into the story as such, but that first week was kind of like, can I remember how to do this?

Eight takes of this, I thought I can’t take any more, I’m sure they’ve got it now! Your two characters meet romantically didn’t they, and then Hal ends up drinking Alex's blood… Can Hal and Alex ever have a romantic relationship then, or has that put the kibosh on that? Obviously there was an attraction there to begin with, but they wind each other up something awful I would say.The chairs are upholstered in dark pink velvet, the polystyrene ceiling tiles in cigarette smoke and the ghosts of fried breakfasts past, and the migrainously patterned carpet is quietly throbbing underfoot.Amongst the trappings of the seventies hospitality industry are ’s Hal and Alex (Damien Molony and Kate Bracken), who are chatting happily to a group of us about the show’s fifth series, Phil Davis' new villain, topless scenes, Kia-Ora and the best way to clean a maggot…He's very sexy, too - a sharp contrast to the uptight vampire Hal, Molony's first ever TV character in cult hit Being Human.Molony always wanted to be an actor, but growing up in the village of Johnston Bridge, Co Kildare, he had no idea how to go about it.His ordinariness was key to Anthony, his character in Crashing, the comedy series that just finished its run on Channel 4.Anthony is a nice guy, well-intentioned but a bit of a wimp (and a bit of an eejit too).His father is the local doctor, and Molony manages to make the ordinary things of his childhood sound magical: "I grew up loving the showmanship of WWF wrestling, the humour of The Simpsons, the heroics of Mac Gyver," he says. the ceremony of ordering popcorn and Maltesers and taking your seat at the cinema or the pantomime at the Gaiety." After leaving school, Molony went to Trinity College Dublin where he did a four-year degree in business and politics. The would-be actor found a place at the Drama Centre London and graduated in 2011.Instead of making a beeline for Players, the college's famous acting society, he avoided it: "I always thought you might need an 'in' with Players," he explains. '" As he neared the end of his degree, friends told him he should apply to drama schools in London. By that time Molony was already working professionally, having been spotted by a casting director for the role of Hal in Being Human, a BBC 3 show that had already run for three series when Molony auditioned.When Molony did eventually become involved, it was by chance. Hal had previously been played by Aidan Turner - Molony was then drafted in as a replacement."A guy on my course was supposed to be doing a part in Two Gentlemen of Verona. It was a daunting first TV job - yet he won over even the most ardent Turner fans with his performance: "It was a real honour to take over from where he left off," he says.

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