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She has fast become a household name and no one can deny that Ellen is quite a piece of work, but today it’s time to look past her and at the people who function with her behind the scenes and beyond the camera.

It’s all going to be in here, tid bits of information about Ellen De Generes mother, father, brother and her wife.

So, the big question is, how does Ellen De Generes mother feel about her daughter being a member of the LGBT community?

The answer is a whole story on it’s own so hold on.

The episode had garnered A-list guest stars, including Laura Dern, who was cast to play Ellen Morgan’s love interest, Susan. Billy Bob Thorton and Demi Moore also appeared in a dream sequence in the episode.

Savel said she even fielded calls from other A-Listers including Woody Harrelson who wanted to be included, but there were no more parts to fill. I saw a shift in her gait; I saw a shift in the way she carried herself.”The official “coming out” moment was tinged with De Generes’s famous sense of humor.

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“The Puppy Episode” was watched by an estimated 44 million people, nearly three times the show’s usual ratings. De Generes has hosted her own daytime talk show, also called , for nearly 14 years.

See also: Details About Kevin Hart’s Family – Parents And Brother She is one of the most important women in Ellen’s life, that is bound to happen when people go through a lot together, her name is Betty De Generes and she raised the star on her own for the most part of it.

She was born on May 20, 1930, in Violet, Louisiana.

They inserted little jokes throughout the entire fourth season to tease out the character’s eventual coming out. ,” Ellen Morgan’s friends would call, before she’d leap out of a door.

“I was in the closet,” she playfully shouted as she exited a coat closet in one scene. characters were often tragic—think Tom Hanks’s Oscar-winning performance in —or, more often, nonexistent. The title was a red herring to prevent leaks, but came with its own meaning.

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