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Hotel: All hotels on Disney and Universal property, plus the , and the .Medical: Nearby walk-in and hospitals with 24hr emergency services.Only once you reach that area will the signs start displaying directions to specific resorts.If you don’t know (for example) that Saratoga Springs is in the Disney Springs resort area, you may have trouble navigating to it just by following the road signs.

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For rental at Sanford, all the rental car locations are in the airport, so just navigate to Sanford and follow the signs for rental car return.As anyone who’s spent significant time driving around Walt Disney World knows, it’s a large and confusing place.Driving your own car or a rental car is faster and more flexible (albeit more expensive) than using Disney’s transportation.It contains all of the Disney sit-down restaurants, a handful of distinctive Disney counter-service restaurants, all of the Disney Springs restaurants, and the restaurants and dinner shows discussed on Mouse There are also nearby grocery stores, drugstores, medical facilities (urgent care and hospitals), and selected Disney outlet stores.In unfamiliar locations, a good GPS is a huge advantage, allowing you to focus on the road while it gives you the upcoming turns.It has complete knowledge of every road and it never gets mad at you because you took the wrong exit.To help prevent this situation, I’ve created a file of accurate POI locations. I’ve created a file of POI locations for just about every place you might need to drive while on vacation at Walt Disney World.All of the major Disney theme parks, water parks, shopping areas, golf courses and hotels are in it, plus all the .Faced with a point that is not actually on a road, GPS units will route you to the nearest road, which may be a service road that runs backstage.If you follow the GPS’s instructions you’ll likely find yourself at a security gate nowhere near the actual entrance to the park.

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