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" I literally dont know how I was suppose to keep a girl like Helga, so wonderful in so many ways interested in a guy like me."Well have you guys, you know..." Gerald said in a snoopy voice, as if I was just going to tell him what we do alone, well, to be perfectly honest, they never did anything sexual, there was the odd heavy make out they would have every once and a while, but nothing like what Gerald was thinking." Well, why not man. I ran to my phone and talked with her mom, she said Phoebe was out and she didnt know when she would be home. Said a happy, cheerful girl on the other line." Hey Lila, it's Helga, what are doing right this second? With umm clothe, I'm going to Arnold's for the weekend and could really use some help pick and outfit, or 5, just in case." I rushed, trying to finish my sentence, all in one breath."Helga, I'm just oh so honored you called, but to be oh so honest Helga, I dont think Arnold cares what you wear, it's you he loves." I knew she was right but I still just wanted someone to talk to, I need a girl, a girl who could help me.I know it seems weird, asking a girl that Arnold liked, to help pick out an outfit, but well, alot has changed, she never like Arnold more then a friend and well even if I hate to say it she just knew what to say to make me feel better." But Helga if you are certain you want to talk to someone I can be over in 5 minutes, 2 minutes if you are oh so certain it's what you want".Anyways, she came back from her honeymoon from Hawaii she brought back this home remedy and said it worked like magic, taking off any unwanted hair instantly.Arnold "pretended" he didnt notice, but I know he did.My hair is now passed my boobs, yes I said boobs, I now have boobs, I'm no longer a piece of wood.I am now 5'7 and the unibrow is long gone thanks to Olga, she's my older sister, she is now married with 2 boys and works in LA.Once I cleaned up my room and got dressed, I started doing my hair and makeup.I dont wear pig tails anymore, as cute as it was when i was little now i just wear it down, but i still wear my pink bow, i will always wear that bow.

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As I hung up the phone I looked around my room and started to clean it." he asked and I heard her say."Its Arnold." I waited a bit and heard her giving the phone to him."My man, what can I do ya for?" he asked as happy as ever, probably because his girlfriend was near by and they probably shared an amazing night alone. " he made a good point, I did think about it, but I never really felt the need to just, well you know.is the first community and dating site for Asexual people.When major dating sites don't recognize our asexuality, we think that asexual people should have a place to meet and talk.I knew I could trust her, she really did make me feel better." Take your time, I just got up, but I would like to talk to you, give me 10 minutes and then come on down" I tried my best to not make it obvious that I needed to talk." I am oh so certain that I shall be there".She said, I wish I could sound as nice as her."Thanks Lila, I appreciate it".He knew just how to make everything in me turn to butterflies." Oh shit look at the time, babe why didnt you tell me what time is was, I only have half an hour to get ready".I said, as I rushed to get my pants on, putting him on speaker phone." Helga, we dont have school today, remember, that's why we where on the phone all night" As soon as I heard that I quickly remember having that conversation with him."Crimeny, how can I be so forgettable" I said after stubbing my foot on the night stand" Your cute when your angry" he said so casually." Thanks, I think?He said and i could tell he already knew the answer to that." I'm so sorry Arnold, i dont know how i forgot to make our reservations maybe we can make last min-" before i could finish my sentence Arnold said something that made me feel so much better about myself." Its ok hun, i forgot too, the only reason i remembered was because my parents and my grandparents are leaving for May long weekend." slightly relieved that he forgot Helga let out a breath so she was able to relax.A few month ago after Arnold's parents came back, everyone who lived in the building with Arnold and his grandparents moved out, all going their separate ways." So since they are going to be gone, and ill be home alone why don't you come over May long, you know till school starts again?

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