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It’s so common in fact, that some dating sites even recommend the practice in their “profile tips” section.Yet…it’s singularly responsible for the vast majority of lifeless, generic profiles you’ve endured lately–maybe even your own.THE KEEP AWAY MESSAGE — Learn the confident man’s little-known secret to writing e-mails to women that drive them wild with anticipation.

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PROFILE SLIPPAGE — Discover how this practically universal principle operates and your percentage of quality first dates will literally skyrocket immediately.Follow this simple principle and instantly separate yourself from the herd.THE DREAMSCAPE EFFECT — This is a major contributing factor to men everywhere becoming completely jaded against online dating before they even give themselves a chance for success. COMMA CHAMELEON — Find out the most widespread mistake known to the online dating world.You know, someone to go on vacation with and look at the pictures with later. Shortly, my online dating experience was behind me–put squarely in the rear-view mirror by the ultimate success. And it didn’t take me long to realize that I literally owed it to my friends and all other worthy, high quality men out there to share my closely-guarded and hard-earned secrets with them from that day forward.That’s a major reason why my newly updated “magnum opus” Online Dating Domination 2.0 is so different and so darned effective.Are you sick of simply blending in with the faceless herd of generic guys online…but haven’t the foggiest idea of how to stand out from the crowd? Just as I was about to doze off, a crazy thought about my online dating experience hit me like a ton of bricks. Then, I had written to all ten and had heard back from eight of them. BUT…that’s when I realized a simple, undeniable truth about online dating that somehow had never occurred to me before.Does it make you crazy to know that online dating has got to be working for tons of other people…just not for you? Suddenly there it was…plain as day: It’s obvious who the absolute sharpest women online are to just about ALL the guys out there searching, right?REMOTE INPUT — Know with absolute certainty whether your profile and even your e-mail writing style are winners or not.Most men aren’t brave enough to attempt this…and it costs them dearly.MACRO CUSTOMIZATION — The disarmingly easy and overwhelmingly effective “secret weapon” that is used in the business world constantly but is almost never thought of as an online dating strategy.THE TELEPORT TECHNIQUE — Get into this certain mindset before writing your profile and set up the very framework for massive success…regardless of the actual words you end up writing down.

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