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Pretty boring compared to the rest – not even a Jenner in the stable! But Malik’s most visible relationship was with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, to whom he was engaged from August 2013 to August 2015. I went towards the kitchen and thought that maybe I'll just grab a sandwich and head out. Then I made my way straight towards the front door. My parents won't let me drive even though I' M seventeen.

Harry has had quite a few girlfriends including Felicity Skinner (a girl from his hometown), when they were 15 Then, perhaps most famously, Styles dated another musician you may have heard of: Taylor Swift. After an appropriate mourning period, Styles went on a few dates with none other than Kendall Jenner.

I feel lucky that I' M the lucky winner to meet one of the members of one direction.

Last November the 23-year-old One Direction star went on a Twitter rant declaring ‘I’m straight,’ when he felt his sexuality was being called into question by a journalist for The Independent.

I grabbed one sandwich that my mom made and told her that I was heading out. As I walked out the house, I pulled out my earphones to listen to music on the way towards the park. If I tell them that I' M meeting some girl, they'll want to meet here to. I don't really have feelings foe her ,but I do care alot. I told the guys that I'll be going out for a walk.

So I walked into the kitchen, to find my parents and little brother, john sitting on the table. They think I' M not responsible to handle a car. It's doesn't really matter as long that they don't see me with her. Maybe I'll be in a custom that no one knows then I'll just text her about what I' M using. So I walked down stairs in our house and noticed the lads Watching.

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