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On May 4, 2002, they remarried in Richmond, Virginia.

In April 2016, Mortimer was arrested for trespassing in Palm Beach, Florida.

After discussing the movie for several minutes, Guru-Murthy steered the conversation towards Downey’s past, asking Downey about his political views, his relationship with his father, and his fraught history with drugs (for which he did some jail time).

Jewish law prohibits us to humiliate someone by bringing up his or her checkered past.

The book was written by Manhattan diet doctor Stuart Fischer.

She was featured in Vestal magazine in the May 2012 issue, which included the cover and a featured editorial styled by Lo'renzo Hill-White and shot by fashion photographer Kevin Sinclair.

Before the segment even aired, he tweeted: “Oh dear. interview when we started talking about jail and drugs." While his Downey interview quickly went viral, public opinion seemed to disapprove of his on-air tactics.

Guru-Murthy’s initial tweet about Downey’s walkout garnered 300,000 “dislikes,” and a poll the next day showed public sympathy on the blogosphere tending towards Downey.

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